Annonce Animédia

👋Hi There! I’m anime blur, the website owner!

😄I hope you enjoy the site and that it helps you make your wonderful edits!

🤧It’s a lot of work! making a twixtor video takes me 5 hours in general which is very very long because i want to make the best video possible with the best quality and the maximum clips possible!

🥰 So thank you all for your support! 🥰

😍 If you’d like to join the ANIMEDIA team and help me on the site, you’re more than welcome. Any little help (voices, intro, flow frame clips) would be incredible!
Send me a message on my instagram if you’re interested (@anime_blur_official)

❤️Thanks to the editors @.denkai and @Toto522d_edits for their help (denkai does the voice, toto the wallpaper intro).❤️


  1. Anime Blur. Thank you very much for these wonderful clips) thanks to you and your site, I made more than 300 videos with good quality. I know what a lot of work this is, so I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you very much!. 🙂

  2. Merci beaucoup anime blur pour tout t’es Clip ses grâces a toi que j’ai pu commencer ma chaîne d’édit je sais tout le travail que sa représente juste pour ca merci énormément!

  3. Flou d’animé merci infiniment les twixtor que faisiez pour nous faire des twixtor prend énormément de temps nous vous encourageons👍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. I have sent u a dm on ig on your page.Please see my dm I also want to join your team.🙏🙏my acc is @z9ro.edits

  5. Thank you animedia you been making twixtor for my edit now my channel has grown thank you ❤️

  6. I also want to help you I don’t have Instagram. So can you pls give me you discord or something .

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